music winsford


At Winsford Academy, music at KS4 is an inclusive subject. All students can opt for GCSE music however it is advantageous if they are learning to play an instrument or if they can sing. Students will study the AQA Music specification.

In music at GCSE, students have the chance to study a wide range of musical genres, styles and traditions, through both written and practical learning. They will learn or continue to progress skills on a musical instrument or with singing.

They will learn to express themselves in their performance ability, developing accuracy and fluency, confidence, expression, and sense of style, as soloists and in groups/bands. They will learn how to understand musical dimensions and features, how they are used in different types of music; and they will use these features to create their own music, whilst developing an individual composing style. They will have opportunities to use music technology, and to participate in extra-curricular groups and events.