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Living a healthier lifestyle isn’t all about working out in the gym. Fitness classes are a great way to stay fit, socialise and have fun!

We have over 550 weekly fitness classes to suit all ages, abilities, tastes and energy levels. Find out all about them below!

Remember, all Brio classes are available to members and non-members alike! You can find price lists on our Centre Homepages for PAYG classes, and if you’ve got a fitness membership with us then all of these are included within that!

Aqua Classes

Aqua DanceGreat music and a variety of dance moves, all in the water for a low-impact workout.
Aqua FitA motivating class using water resistance to improve cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone. This class is suitable for non-swimmers
Aqua HIITThis is a water-based interval class that combines periods of intense exercise and varying amounts of rest.
Aqua JogA motivating class using water resistance to improve cardiovascular fitness and muscle tone. This class is only suitable for confident swimmers
Aqua MittThis high-intensity aqua class zones in on the upper body by using gloves to add extra resistance to your movements.
Aqua ZumbaA combination of the exhilarating Zumba dance with traditional aqua fitness disciplines, which when blended together offers great cardio, conditioning and body toning benefits.
Aqua NatalA gentle exercise to music class in the pool for mums to be. Led by local midwives this class is ideal from the 12th week of pregnancy.
Aqua CycleAqua Cycle is a technique in fitness training where a stationary apparatus similar to a bicycle frame is submerged in a pool, while its rider’s upper body remains above the water.
FloatFit HIITFloatFit HIIT incorporates traditional HIIT-style exercises including Squats, Burpees, Sit Ups and Mountain Climbers on a float in a pool, working on your balance as well as fitness.
FloatFit BalanceFloatFit Balance is a group exercise class in a pool using the world’s first inflatable floating exercise mat taking Pilates and Yoga to the water.
SwimFitThe alternative way to work out in the pool. It’s fun, effective and gets the results you want through a mixture of circuit-based training, swimming drills and fitness based exercises.


BODYATTACKA sports-inspired cardio workout for building strength and stamina. This high-energy interval training class combines athletic aerobic movements with strength and stabilisation exercises.
BODYJAMIF YOU WANT TO DANCE, THERE’S NOTHING LIKE IT! Whether you’ve got two left feet or fancy yourself as Beyonce’s back up dancer, we’ve got your back.
Brio BurnThis easy-to-follow aerobic exercise class will work your entire body from head to toe and is suitable for all fitness levels.
Brio DanceA high energy dance class that will sculpt your body to the latest music with different genres of dance.
Brio HIITHigh-intensity interval training helps you burn more calories in less time! It lowers your fat composition and will keep you burning calories long after it’s over.
HIITSTEPAn innovative 30 minute HIIT class using only body weight and a step.
HIITSTEP & CoreAn innovative 30 minute HIIT class using only body weight and a step as well as combining core exercises.
Brio MoveA gentler paced aerobics class that is perfect for those who need a low-impact workout whilst still getting results.
Brio Move CircuitA gentler paced circuit class that is perfect for those who need a low-impact workout whilst still getting results.
Brio CycleA popular group cycling class set to motivating music that offers a highly effective workout.
Brio Cycle (Post-Natal)Ideal for new mums, bring your baby in your car seat and don’t worry if you need to look after them as you’re all in the same boat! We recommend that you check with your midwife that you’re fit and ready to tackle this class.
Brio StepA fun cardio workout using a step that’ll have your bottom half burning calories!
Coach by ColoursSuitable for participants of all fitness levels, this class will have you working to your personal limits using a colour coded system!
ClubberciseClubbercise is an easy to follow dance fitness class with music anthems from the ’90s to the latest hits, all in a darkened room with disco lighting and flashing glow sticks!
FitStepsShimmy and shake your way to fitness. Founded by the Strictly Come Dancing professional dancers, this class blends authentic ballroom and Latin dance moves into a fun and effective group workout.
FitSteps FabShimmy and shake your way to fitness! This Fab class is aimed at beginners, and so is a little slower paced.
Fight FitFightFit combines elements of boxing, strength training, functional movement and high-intensity interval training into a diverse and dynamic workout.
MetafitAn effective metabolic workout using your own body weight, that burns fat 24 hours post workout! This class will seriously change the way you train
Metafit & CoreAn effective metabolic workout using your own body weight, that burns fat 24 hours post workout! This version adds a short core workout to the end of the class.
Vibe CycleAn indoor cycle class designed around the beat of the music.
Virtual CycleImmerse yourself in indoor cycling on the big screen! Just turn up and we’ll do the rest.
ZumbaJoin the Zumba revolution and party your way to the body you’ve always wanted in this fun and exciting fusion of Latin and international dance.
Zumba GoldThis class takes the Zumba formula and modifies the moves and pace to create a gentler class that is still loads of fun.
Zumba ToningShake it, tone it, rock it! The Latin-inspired dance fitness party that provides serious sculpting for party animals.


BODYBALANCEIdeal for everyone, BODYBALANCE is a yoga-based class that will improve your mind, your body and your life.
Brio StretchImprove your core strength and flexibility in this slower-paced class whilst working your entire body.
Fitness PilatesThis class will develop your core strength, stability flexibility and balance, posture, using functional moves and Pilates techniques
Hatha YogaA gentle paced stretching class that will increase your flexibility and strength. This class combines yoga poses and relaxation techniques that will condition your body, and reduce stress.
Iyengar YogaThis class combines a series of gentle yoga movements alongside breath control that will not only increase your stamina but also strengthen and condition your body.
PilatesInvigorate your mind and condition your body through stretching and strengthening moves focused around your core muscles.
PiYoPiYo is a fun, challenging class fusing Pilates and Yoga set to vibrant music. You’ll burn calories, tone muscle, work on balance and get a great stretch.
Pure StretchWork on your core, your balance and your flexibility with a range of floor exercises.
Strala YogaStrala is an easygoing approach to yoga that brings the moving and healing principles of Tai Chi and Shiatsu – moving like water, fueled by the breath.
Tai ChiThis ancient Chinese tradition will relieve stress and anxiety promotes serenity and inner peace.
YogaA gentle paced class that will guide you through a series of structured sequences of postures and movements.
YogalatesThis class is excellent for developing general tone and fitness, while also encouraging a connection with self-belief to soothe the nervous system, release stress, aid relaxation, calm and overall wellbeing.


BODYCOMBATA popular martial arts group fitness class. Get ready to strike, punch and kick your way through calories to superior cardio fitness.
BODYPUMPThis workout challenges all your major muscle groups by using the best weight room exercises like squats, presses, lifts and curls.
BoxercisePunch your way to fitness in this fun, energetic combat-based fitness class.
Brio BallThe ultimate total body conditioning class using balls, bands and your body weight with moves that are fun, easy on the joints and deliver effective results.
Brio BoxOne of the most fun, challenging and effective full body workouts using combinations of pad work, skipping and body weight exercises.
Brio CircuitsGet seriously fit with a number of different exercise stations and drills to truly test your fitness levels.
Brio CoreZone in on your ab’s to strengthen your core whilst also improving your posture and overall fitness.
Brio KettlebellAn intense class that’ll leave you feeling stronger than ever before!
Brio LBTTighten and tone your legs, bums and tums in this effective workout.
Brio Mix-upA 3-part workout involving aerobics, conditioning and core exercises.
Brio StepA fun cardio workout using a step that’ll have your bottom half burning calories!
Brio ConditioningBody conditioning exercises target your whole body, using lots of different muscles to strengthen, shape, and tone your body. They may combine several types of exercise, such as flexibility, strength, and resistance training.
Brio BootcampA workout based around a type of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) — bursts of intense activity alternated with intervals of lighter activity.
Gym HIITTaking place on the functional training frame in the gym, this high-intensity class will have you doing a variety of workouts at each station. You’ll need a gym Welcome Workout before attending this.
Hoola HoopSculpt your abs, build muscle and core strength in this fun class. Special hoops provided to enable everyone to join in.
KettlerciseUsing light weights and a non-stop routine, you will work every single muscle in your body.
The Hour of PowerGet ready to challenge your mind and your body in this amazing new fitness experience, using dumbbells and body weight exercises to tone and dramatically improve your fitness levels.
Vibe PowerVibe Power is a freestyle resistance class with the focus on strength and power – low reps with high resistance. It is predominantly a barbell based class but many aspects of equipment training can be utilised. This class gets participants results FAST and feels great too!